If you want to make a sense of condolence, the bus clip is Korean♪

Speaking of easy convenient trend items that will be able to be transformed into fashion immediately soon !

By the way in Korea"집집 (Zickpin)"It is called♪

Korean girls have many children who like clean long hair, and there are many children who don't have much hair arranging, but if you have this bus clip, you can easily be broken, so everyone has hair accessories It is♪


HakoMall chooses a wide range of tulles and shear-pale colored vanes clips, rich types with pearl, and simple types.♪

★Tulle and Shear-system design is cool because it is cool, so perfect for summer♪Since this feeling is also given, the hair arrangement and your house at the time of going out and the hair is a little bit convenient and cute♡


★If pearl design can be a wonderful summary hair that is eligible and adult atmosphere, it may be used for dating and a little colorful place, etc.♡

★If it is a simple design, it can be used all season, so I'm getting tired of getting tired, so it will be a highly fashionable item that can be used♡

If mini size is a little bit of bangs, it is also cute to accent♪


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