Smile marks above generations

What do you say this mark?


Nico Chan Mark?


Smiley Face?

Although there are various theories for the origin of a smile yellow Nico Nico Mark, what is smiled, and as a big smile mark was written in the pottery of the BC!

It began to be used as a commercial logo
Starting with the American radio station in the 1960s, the advertising company's Harvey Ball designs "Yellow Smiley" to the campaign,
A brother managed by a card store in the 1970s made can batch with this smiley and spread in the United States!


The Journalist in France, the Journalist of France makes a "Good news view" in the French newspaper, designed Smiley Mark, and it has spread around the world because it has registered a trademark♡

This smiley mark has the meaning of Love & Peace,

"Let's make a time to smile (Take the time to smile)" "Let's deliver positive around the world through creative people"♪

Let's wear smiley accessories and smile☺

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