How to repair silver accessories

Do you always care about the silver accessories that you always use?

Since the accessories are attached directly to the skin, the sweat and sebum dirt are attached, and if it is left, the color of the accessory is discolored or discolored.


I will tell you how to save a little daily care to save♪

★Knack of care 

Remove the sebum dirt with soft cloth or towel. Every time!

★Preservation method

Please store it in a zip bag to avoid touching the air.
Shut tight and shut out air!

* the main cause of the shimmer and discoloration of the silver accessories is called sulfuric acid reaction, and it becomes black in response to sulfur (sulfur that is going to go to Kusatsu hot spring etc.), but actually it contains the substance of hydrogen sulfide in the air It will cause discoloration even if put it as it is

Even if you care carefully and carefully?

If you discolor, try this method♪

Something to prepare
Soft cloth
Wipe tissue


Remove toothpaste of about 1 cm in length on a soft cloth

Put silver products in cloth and polish gently

Remove dirt and rinse with water, then brush with toothpaste again

Wipe with water tissue wipe off with wipe tissue.

Brush with cloth so that it won't hurt♪

If you think that it is a little troublesome, the silver cloth for polishing silver is sold, so if you have it, the shine will be returned only by polishing it♪

Please keep your precious silver accessories well and enjoy the♡

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