In the Katyusha style "Quank" style♪

Do you know "Kanko" style?

Quank(꾸안꾸) points to "Natural Daily Fashion Corde" in the sense of "I'm wearing and wearing"♪

Since it is a day that fashion and beauty is careful about 365 days, it will sometimes be tired of getting out of time.

Kanko's hairstyle is a styling agent, etc., and a lot of cases and long hairstyles are standard♪

Something that is suitable hairstyle is also good!

I want to be cute though it is easy♪

If it is a hair accessory that can fulfill the selfishness of such girls, the Katyusha style is recommended♪

Pearl with pearls and a little thicker headband now trend♪


In the image of a rough corde that enjoys the dairy's outgae, it is not a fashionable sense of special feeling such as a party or event, and while enjoying a sense of natural feeling, it will make a sense of feeling well, and let me make it happen and differ. King♡

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