I can understand with Yebe Bullea diagnosis, acceleries that match their own♪

Have you ever heard of "Yebe Bulleau diagnosis"?

If you get a yellow-based skin, a blu-based skin, if you have a personal color, you will be able to diagnose the colored color, etc., it will help you choose fashion and cosmetics, and choose to choose to choose yourself easily, and fashion Good thing, etc.♪

However, since it takes a certain amount of money to get a good decision, so when you want to know only your type, please check it easily with this self-diagnosis♪

★"A lot of jerabe"

○ The color of the eyes is black ~ dark brown
○ The palm is yellowish
○ Color clothes that are clearer than pale colors look good
○ When it comes to the evening, the skin is easy

→ Gold accessories will look like

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★"Many fit is put on Burbe skin"

○ The eyes are brown
○ Hand palm is white, or lee
○ Light color clothes are good
○ Easy to get red on the skin

→ Silver accessories will look like

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As it was recommended for better accessories color, please look at it as a reference♪