Freshwater Pearl "Men's Pearl" is a Trend Word♪

Do you know freshwater pearl?

The shape is also unexpected, and there is a sense of luxury, and it is a recent trend pearl that can also make a sense of conduction♪

It is a pearl with a female image, but did you know that "Men's Pearl" has been in the world recently recently? ?

Genderless fashion industry unique to female pearl, from a fashionable pearl beyond gender, it has changed.


Harry Styles and Wander's Harry Styles and Rapper ASap Rocky, Farrell Williams, etc.Overseas artists and fashionists have a freshwater pearl accessory style.


It's a necklace and a little hoody? If you think, how are you going to try from the bracelet?

It is fun to make a long necklace bracelet, overlap and enjoy it, and make it a link corde with her and her wife and have a link.♪

If you combine freshwater pearl in a simple fashion or a male cool fashion, it will be blended in a corde a little bit and it is fun to be different from now on♪