Topical "bear" motif accessories?

Do you know popular sweets in the United States, "Gammy Candy"?

Pop and colorful look and soft bear's shape is cute, all over the world

It is sweets that are loved from♪

Accessories with such cute bears motifs are now explosive trends in Korea!

Accessories with motifs of Gummy Bear Gummy with impactIs a trend between Korean idols♪

Colorful gummy, which was attached when BTS appeared in the "FNS Kayo Festival"Necklace with Bear attracted attention.


A slightly glute chain, a little big or green color Gummy Bear, such as blue and green, has become a fashionable accent that plus a feeling of love for street fashion! !

again,Iz * One Kang-Won and An Yujin, Girlhood Tayon Wear colorful Gummy Bear accessories tailored to colorful costumes♡



Simple accessories are also wonderful, but if you are a pop gummy bear accessories, you will be an accent that shines in a simple fashion, of course♡

If you are concerned, please check by all means♪

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