Beaches trend in Korea in 2021♡

In 2020, "Pearl" became a trend in Korea, but as a trend in Pearl in"Bead"Great popularity♪

With a simple series of specifications, bead accessories beginners can easily challenge
It can be worn even in the office at the office or usual.

Moreover, it is easy to carry out the accessories and the stacking of the hand, and the original style of oneself can be done.

Source: creema

If the beads of the floral pattern, the ring and the necklace are both cute♪

Charm of beads accessories?

♡Cute and colorful

It is rich in color varieges such as pink, yellow, blue, and is easy to choose for the day♪


♡Easy to coordinate

Because it is delicate, it is cute even if it is single♪
The combination of the necklace and beads bracelet and beads ring make it more gorgeous and cute!

   Source: Minne


Hakomaru will be able to buy beads accessories for reasonable♪

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