The diamond is a natural stone?! Natural stone accessory is the enemy.♪

So if you're a simple, unique accessory using stone and stone, you can leave it to HAKOMALL.♪

I would say, "Natural stone," which is likely to be a mystical power, is a "original stone" or "power stone".♪

Natural stone is actually a stone of nature, like "rock," or "mineral stone," so the diamond, the jewelry,I'm a member of a natural stone.

In general, colors and shapes are beautiful.
It is often called 'natural stone ' that can be processed into accessories and so on.

and the color that falls on the roadside is actually one of the 'natural stones.' I don't call it natural stone because I don't want to make it into the accessory, but I don't call it natural.

And that's the natural stone accessory, and it's a colorful, cute design that looks like this.♪

natural stone of HAKOMALL
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