Escape Manneri Hair with Hairpin Set♪

"I can not do it because I'm not good at hair arrange" "Always the same hairstyle"
Solve such trouble♪

If you use a cute set hairpin,Easy to make a cute hairstyle♡

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Hairpin who can be happy with the cuteness up just by putting it on the hair and sides, down hair and hair.

Hair pin is black pin?

If you have a hairpin in hakomall, you can not think of a lot of attractive hairpins that you will want to collect as many unique designs from simple designs to unique designs♪


If you put a hairpin on the bangs, it is more cute and cute arrangement♪Now that you can wear a lot♪

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♡Use of accents

Even if it is used as an accent to the collective hair, it is completed with a sense of arrangement♪

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There is also a sense of feeling too much, and if there is a hairpin, all your things♪


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