He is full of entertainment♪

The items of the topic in 2021 are beads accessories, but entertainers are also crazy about beads♪Colorful bead accessories are a trend especially among Korean stars such as popular BTS and twice♪


Girls' generation tayon is a cute visuals that put pastel beads beads necklace into cute peanut Necklace in the MV of her solo album "happy"♪

Instagram: Taeyeon SS

In the girls' generation, jyoon uploaded a photograph with a colorful bead accessory to a cute nail, and the comment "cute" and "clean" was received.

Instagram:Hyoyeon X X

The BTS (bullet boys) member j-hope unveils a hand-made hand-made accessory in a live delivery app! I think it is good to be a hobby, and commented.


BTS official twitter

The cute accessory drama "TSUBAKI bloom" starring♪It became a topic and was noticed among Korean women♪

Inagram vintagehollywood 2008

The beads accessories that Rio Chan put on the imprint ram became the topic, and the "beads accessories" were among the fashionable girls in Korea♪

Exagram niziu Artist Official

Yujiro Chan of gfriend exposes one photograph taken in the imprint ram. I made the colorful orange fashion of the vitamin color, and colorful beads beads necklace, and the photograph of the pop♪

Exagram yujustagram

How was it? It was only a part but let me introduce♡Check your beads accessories♪


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