Trend is "Big Shushu"

Recently, the shishtrend whirlwind winds up♪
Moreover, the size is highly sized "Bickshush"♪

It is a pop with a young image, but recently, the Emo style with the big shushes with adult fashion is over the girl's heart♪

It is recommended to have a large size, and a simple arrangement organs.

★Recommended arrangement★

♡Adult sick style with low ponytail

It tends to be sober, too late ponytail, is a big shining and gorgeous★
It is recommended for those who are not good at arranging on one second and are not good at arranging!

♡Girly style with high ponytail

If you make a slight of the hair, if you have a ponytail at a higher position, you will be a girllike girl♪If it is a volume of volumes, may you aim for a little small face effect? !

Source: Instagram

♡Casual style with dumpling hair

If you put a big shush on the hair that combines in a single-fit, it is not simple♪

Source INSTAGRAM__flaggg__

♡Accessories style attached to the wrist

If you put it on your wrist, it will change to the accessories♪If it is a big shush with a volume, it is one or noble♪

Depending on the arrangement, it is recommended for the big shushish of the trend that is free to chick and girly!

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