Which fingers are ringing?

Item that makes me happy even if you buy as a fashion item even if you receive a ring♡

If the wedding ring, but is a staple is to the left hand ring finger, Do you know why?
There are various theories, but

In the ancient Greek era, "The heart is a place responsible for people 's emotions, and the blood vessels connected to the heart was considered to be on the left hand's ring finger, so by wearing them on their special left hand's ring finger, Because I was believed to grasp.

Also, because the ring does not use daily compared to the right hand, because the ring is less likely to be in the way.


By the way, the ring changes the meaning by the finger if the ring is other than the left hand.♪

If you attach it with your friends, what is the right-handed finger that can build a unite human relationship, or a right hand finger that will be the amulet of love?


When you know the meaning and effect of the place to attach a ring, fashionable is more fun, and it will be more important♪

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