Privacy Policy

Hakomall (hereinafter referred to as "our company") appropriately manages and handles your important personal information.
To that end, we will establish an effort to protect and use personal information and work to protect personal information.

1. Acquisition of personal information
We get personal information by legal and fair means and methods.

2. Usage and offer of personal information
We do not use it outside the purpose, except when using personal information only for our business purposes and defining the law.
As a specific example of offering:
· Payment of purchase product, shipping
· Correspondence about various inquiries from customers
· Information for events and services that we conduct

3. Safety measures for personal information
We take rational prevention and corrective action against risks for personal information (unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage) and secure personal information.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
Personal information provided is not provided and disclosed to third parties, except when based on laws and regulations.

5. We will decide that our customers have completed your order and agree to the provisions on protection of our personal information.

6. Continuous improvement of personal information protection
We will improve without notice in order to improve service and personal information protection properly.

7. About complaints and consultations on personal information protection
We will respond promptly to complaints and consultations on personal information.