It is a summary of the questions and answers that are often sent from the customer.

■ How long does it take to arrive in the product?
· Japan
After receiving the product order, we will deliver within the shortest 5 days to 2 weeks.
Yamato International Courd Service: It will be delivered home from 3 to 4 days after the Korean shipping email has arrived.(Some regional and remote islands.)
○ Shipping company: International Takkyubin Kuroneko Yamato

・Overseas "Worldwide"
After shipping,
-Asia: It will be arrived in about a week.
-America, Canada, Europe, etc.: It will be arrived in about 2~3 weeks.
(Depending on the country. Distance and circumstances of that country, etc.)
○ Shipping company: EMS (Express Mail Service)

■ Do you have a duty paid?
Customs tax is the Hakomall burden.
Please rest assured that customers have no duty.

■ I am worried that the product will arrive properly if it is delivery from overseas. Is tracking after shipping?
◎ Japan
We will deliver to our customers by Yamato International courier service.

After shipping the product, we will inform you of the tracking number.
"I will move to the Yamato International Film Tracking page."
After shipping from Korea, after arriving in Japan,
Please be assured that it will be the same service as Yamato Transport in Japan.

◎ Other Countries
Move to "Korean EMS (Express Mail Service) tracking page."

■ Can I pack it for a present?
Packaging for gifts is not supported because it will be sold from NAMDAEMUN vendor. Please note.

■ Can I ship separate orders?
After ordering, please contact d2c@hakomall.com immediately.
It is possible to bundle at the previous stage.

■ Is it possible to return or replace it?
◎ Japan
Only initial defects will be processed.
Please be sure to contact d2c@hakomall.com within 3 days after product arrival.

We will contact you from Japan General Reception.
(Please rest assured that the Japanese general reception center will be held in the return processing.)

◎ Other Countries
Basic returned or exchanged can not be accepted.
Only the initial failure we will refund correspondence.

■ Is there even if there is no stock of the goods you ordered?
Not only in Korea, because it is the delivery of goods to accessories brand or trading companies around the world, out of stock but not that frequently happens, immediately we will contact you if by any chance out of stock occurs.
Or in that case to cancel the order
We want to delivery only other items except the items out of stock
Please reply to choose one or the other.