Terms of Use

HAKOMALL is, the operation to shopping site (the "Service") of the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") and determined as follows. If the customer is using this service, you agree to these Terms.

1. Terms scope and change or revision

This Agreement relates to providing and the use of the service, will be applied against HAKOMALL and the user. HAKOMALL is not possible to obtain the prior consent of the user, and shall content can be changed, revised, stop, stop of this Agreement or site.

2. user

The user browsing the site, says the person who was using this service, such as those who have purchased on this site.

3. use of the Service

The user in accordance with such use guide to the Terms and HAKOMALL is separately determined, and shall use this service.

User is deemed to agree to the privacy policy established by the HAKOMALL.

In addition, persons under 20 years of age at the time of your order will be required parent or legal guardian's consent.

That we received your order we will assume that with the consent of the parent or legal guardian.

4. Provision stop and stop of this service, cancellation of customer information registration

HAKOMALL is, if the user corresponds to the following items, and shall be able to cancel the of this service stop and customer information registration without giving prior notice to the user.

1) implementation delay of the commodity price payment obligations related to the Service

2) Violation of other Terms and Conditions

5. membership number and password management of

At the user, assumes you agree to be registered as a member of HAKOMALL after the commodity your order after completion or My page registration.

1) membership registration is now the user disclosed the membership number and password to a third party, transfer, you will not or to use.

2) HAKOMALL is, membership number or password use on of negligence, for damages associated with the use of a third party shall not bear any responsibility.

3) If a user who has been the member registration has performed the unauthorized use in connection with, such as the password, you may want to stop using, such as a password.

6. use of user provided information

6-1 the personal information you provided by users, except in the case corresponding to the following, will not be disclosed to third parties.

1) If there is a consent of the user

2) If you follow the request of the laws and regulations

3) If you want to disclose to the subcontractors that are required to provide products and services to users

Non-personal information of the user to access the 6-2 this site, URL visited before and after this site, only to use the browser and the IP address, it will be recorded by the standard treatment of our server.

7. purchase of goods

When purchasing goods user is using this service, you have to apply for a purchase in accordance with the present Terms and User's Guide.

HAKOMALL will ship the E-mail content to accept your application addressed to the user with respect to purchase your application.

At the time it was pressed, the "purchase confirmation" button, and shall buy and sell contracts for the product is established between the user and the HAKOMALL.

8. cancellation of the contract

Below if the answer to any one of the is, HAKOMALL shall be released this matter sales contract without requiring any notification - notification.

1) When the user with respect to the present service available is in breach of this Terms

2) If you still have the contract of debt default

3) If the receiver's address is unknown

4) If the item is out of stock, it can not be easily deliver

5) If a situation similar to other 1) from 4) until the matter has occurred

9. payment

1) The total amount of money to pay Upon purchase of goods, including commodity price (consumption tax), postage, will be the total amount of the fee.

2) Payment is available at the credit card settlement.

10. delivery

If the unexpected weather, the delivery in an accident, such as delayed, HAKOMALL does not assume the responsibility for these delays.

11. such as returned goods and exchange of goods

1) If you wish to return your purchase goods, please return within one week after the commodity arrives.

2) products that once used, can not accept a return and exchange.

3) You shall perform the returned or exchanged in accordance with the method set forth, such as the use guide that HAKOMALL is defined separately.

12. stop and stop of service

The following, if applicable also one of the, HAKOMALL is without notice in advance to the user, and shall be able to stop and stop the offer, or any part of the service.

1) If necessary for the network system inspection and maintenance of

2) fire, power failure, if the service has become difficult due to force majeure, such as natural disasters

3) Others, if HAKOMALL is forced deemed necessary temporary interruption or stop of the system

13. Prohibitions

When the user to use this service, it is prohibited to purchase items through malicious, illegal content, such as prank-spoofing.

1) If your order - shipping destination information is determined to be malicious, illegal, and fraudulent means obstruction of business crime, and submitted as a damage report the information in the "IP address", "User-Agent", "Remote host address" in public institutions increase.

To prevent 2) damage, if your order amount of expensive you may be asked to confirm by phone or the like.

3) at a later date with respect to orders by mischief-spoofing, there is a penalty such as "rewards and deregistration".

4) after it has been returned to us by the receipt refusal, in case you wish to trade again, there is a case where I am allowed to request a price for goods and return shipping.

14. Disclaimer

HAKOMALL, the user is for all of the damage and the losses incurred by such use or performance of the Service and shall not undertake any responsibility.

15. Copyright

Copyright of all information provided through this service belongs to HAKOMALL.

The user without prior consent, change the information downloaded from or this site on this site, it can not be used beyond the personal entertainment and purpose of information collection, such as replication.

16. Other

1) the color of our product is for the convenience of the image, also by each terminal monitor of the user, there might be some difference with the actual item. Please note on your order beforehand.

2) If the need for litigation in relation to your use of the service occurs, we will Kofu District Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction court.