Refund policy

Return policy

* defective goods or goodsIn return or exchange or alternative goodsTo exchange. I will respond to refund only if there is no stock of the replacement goods.

In case of defective goods Please contact us. We will ship new items after confirmation. Please note that you can not correspond to the item that passed 3 days after arrival.

In case of product error Please contact us.

* our handling goods are requested or manufactured by the brandIt is possible to purchase it cheap by delivering it directly to the customer from the Korean wholesale shop. Please be aware that dirt and scratches are not subject to the return claim.

Please note that it is impossible to return goods because the image is different and small size.

  • The cooling off system is a system applied to visit sales. Please note that the application of the cooling off system is not applicable because of the sales offerings that access our customers.
  • If you are under 20 years of age (minor), please accept your order from the guardian. As for the product that the purchase has been completed, it will be assumed that it has obtained the consent from the guardian.